Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Falling Leaves triloom shawl

I just pulled this shawl off of my triloom. It has been washed, and is laying out flat to dry. I'm so in love with how cuddly this yarn is! It is hard to get a good representation of the colors involved, but this shawl looks like a pile of autumn leaves--except much much more snuggle worthy. I'll swipe my daughter after school tomorrow, so she can model for me again.

I'd like to get three of these done and up in the shop. This makes two--I'll list it probably tomorrow night. The third will wait until I've tried out my new loom, but I'm starting to mull over color choices now. Current options: there are some beautiful purples in this yarn. My daughter recommended black with a bit of red, to go for the goth crowd. I like working with greens, so if I was making one for me it would be green and probably rusty brown, with maybe some more blue or teal thrown in. And my sweetie's sister put her vote in for pink.

So...what is your favorite color combination?


  1. Black with a little red would be striking, I'm sure. Always a good combination. I'm especially fond of greens, teal, and purples, myself.

  2. This is so pretty! Makes me wish for fall!

  3. I think I'm leaning toward a black base, with thin red strips framing a slightly larger dark purple stripe. But the green/teal/purple would be a good choice too. Sounds like a peacock feather.

    I'm trying to work ahead a season, so I'll have a good selection of stuff when fall rolls around again. On my list to do is to decorate some more gourds. Hopefully I can get to that by the end of the month.

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the fall colors.

  5. Thanks! I just posted a couple more pictures, now that the shawl is all done. I'm pleased with how the colors turned out on this one. The plaid is subtle, but still there enough to add visual interest.