Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Baby wraps are done, and I'm packing for vacation

Done and mailed off! The "Lotus" baby wraps are on their way to their new home, and I am packing packing packing for leaving for vacation tomorrow.
I've got my fishing hat and everything. Is it time yet??? Oh yes. Got to shut down the Etsy shop, and do a few more last minute things. I've got someone here watching the place (or I wouldn't be blogging about it), but they won't be shipping for me.
Another one of those last minute things will be visiting the foot doctor tomorrow. I tripped coming out of my front door two weeks ago. Turns out, my foot is broken in two places. Oops. Ah well, luckily the wraps were plain weave. I re-set the treadles under the loom to be both done by the right foot. No problem. A complicated twill might have been more of an issue, but I had this one covered.
Except, no swimming on my vacation on Lake of the Woods. Ah well, I can still get in and out of the fishing boat, so I'll be fine.

Is it time yet???
Yes, that is me. I've been going to these waters a long, long time.

Time to go to my heart home.

You all be good to each other while I'm gone, ok?

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