Monday, March 14, 2016

Pictures: Watson Lake, outside of Prescott, Arizona

Today's outing was a clamber over the boulders that are around Watson Lake, which is just outside of Prescott, Arizona.

My husband Eric and I were taking a date night away, to get some two-time focus.

We stayed in Wickenburg last night, and today drove up over the mountains to Prescott, to get some shots of this neat little lake.

The boulders are grippy enough that you don't slip around as you climb them, and they are low and rounded enough to make an easy adventure. They also look really really cool!

This is also a haven for quite a few different types of birds. I saw egrets, coots, and mallards, right off. I'll need to go back with my binoculars and more time. Also? This pair of Canadian geese decided to pose for me. But I think one of them wanted push the other one out of HIS picture. 

Great day!

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