Thursday, September 26, 2013

Baby Wrap: color design

I've had a request to weave a baby wrap, so it is time to work on a new project! I had the recipient choose four colors of 10/2 cotton yarn from Webs. ( She chose Lizard Green, Mosstone, Nautical Blue, and Burnt Sienna. The yarn got here today.

And now, time to decide on the color order. She'd like the colors to gradually fade one into the other as they go across the warp, with none of the colors repeating. The two sides of the warp will end up different colors, which evidently makes it easier to use the baby wrap without twisting the fabric as you put it on.

So, I took pictures of the cones of yarn in different orders:

Here are the two greens separated, one with the Burnt Sienna on the end, and one with the Nautical Blue on the end.

Here are the two greens separated, appearing on the ends with the other two colors in the middle.

Here are the two greens in the middle of the wrap.

And here are the two greens to one side, one with blue on the other end, and one with burnt sienna on the other end.

Now, the two greens are much closer in tone than I expected, given the picture on the yarn company's web site. So I rummaged around my stash of matching yarn, and came up with a couple of other options to offer.

I have a lighter blue to swap out for one of the greens. There should be enough left on there from the previous project for a good warp stripe.

Another option is a light brown.

And, just to make it interesting, here's what happens if I swap out one of the greens and the nautical blue.

I actually think that last one is my favorite of the bunch, with the colors in just that order.

So, what do you think?

EDIT: Oooh...I had limited myself to 4 colors, for cost purposes. But, I do have these other colors available. So, what do you think about all 6 thrown in there, like this?

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  1. The 6 color option for sure. Lovely! id split them up a bit for contrast but still not repeating.