Tuesday, May 14, 2013

SCA White Scarf Project: The Weaving has Started

More progress on the white scarf project! Yesterday I wound up the bobbins...

...and started weaving! Since I'm doing 6 different scarves on this warp, I needed a way to measure how long the scarf was as I was weaving it. I measured a guide string the length of one scarf, and pinned it in place at the beginning of the weaving with a T-pin. Then I let the guide string wrap up along with the finished fabric. When I reach the end of the string, I know it is time to start the next pattern.

At the end of one scarf, I put a couple of picks of contrasting color and change my treadling. It is fascinating how just changing the order that I step on the treadles can make very different looking patterns.

And just for the record, I love working in my studio in the late afternoon, when the light comes streaming through my windows. It is like weaving sunbeams.

The first scarf is finished, and I'm part way through the second. (Just keep weaving....just keep weaving....What do we do? We weave, weave, weave!)

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