Sunday, October 14, 2012

weaving and slippers

I realized that I hadn't posted the finished picture from my most recent weaving project. I had made a hand painted warp, and then used three different weft colors to make three different garments on the same warp. On the left in the picture above is the dark greyed blue weft. In the middle is the maroon. And on the right is the light blue. I love how the colors blended to make three different looking fabrics!

The fabric on the left has already been cut and sewn into a ruana, and is out the door and sold. The other two are sitting on my loom staring at me, telling me to get back to the sewing machine already. They want to be finished, so I can start on my next batch of fabric. But I have been down this whole week with a nasty cold and a persistent case of the Idon'twannas. Next week. I'll get back to work when I can see straight.

In the meantime, I'm going to kick back, put my feet up, and enjoy the fact that the weather is finally cool enough to enjoy wearing my hand felted wool slippers. Ahhhh..............


  1. Oooh those fabrics are gorgeous! My favorite color combo - turquoises and reds.

  2. Thanks, Diana! I had great fun playing with the colors. I think the next batch will be in rust, brown, and cream. And after that? Who knows? But I'll have fun choosing and seeing the colors blend and play.