Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pattern weights? Picnic weights? Wedding Favors? Wet felted stones.

Yup, I've been playing with the felt again. This time I've made a slightly larger version of my little Fairy Stones. These are big and heavy enough to actually be useful. I use them as pattern weights when I'm sewing. They'd also be good for table settings for picnics, to hold the paper plates from blowing away. One lady suggested that they would be lovely wedding favors, scattered on the tables at the reception. Someone else thought they'd be awesome worry stones. And another person figured they were modern pet rocks.

What are they actually? Smooth palm sized river rocks, that are flat on at least one side so they will sit nicely. I wash the rocks, then wrap them in at least three layers of 100% wool roving. I drift different colors of roving around the outside. Then I wet the whole mess down with hot soapy water, and rub the wool and rock between my hands until the wool almost magically felts down into a seamless, soft and fuzzy coat.

Aren't they fun? I've added them to my Etsy shop, in sets of a half dozen for $24. I'm really looking forward to hearing what people decide to use them for. What do you think?


  1. Pretty and practical. One could also just place them in a pretty bowl and use them as a decorative display piece. :)

  2. Definitely cool to place on the corners of a tablecloth when out picnicking!

  3. Thanks, everyone! And yes, I do have them piled in a bowl to display, until such time as someone buys a set. Then I get to make a new batch to enjoy for awhile.