Friday, April 27, 2012

Ear wraps and project planning for ruanas

I've been having fun making more of the ear wraps. I made this one for my daughter, and she loves it. It is just like the one the other day, but instead of making a spiral on both top and bottom, I squiggled the bottom wire down to where she wore her post earrings, and made a loop there for the post to go through. That seems to anchor the ear wrap nicely in place. She says it is not that comfortable to sleep in, but otherwise she forgets she has it on. If I think of it, I'll make a tutorial on how to make these, but there are several good ones scattered around the net already.

In other news, I've been pondering where I want to take my art work next. What really inspires me are pictures of fantastic wearable art pieces. I think perhaps I should head in that direction. I love the nuno felted scarves, and I might try those. I also really enjoy wearing the ruana that I wove awhile ago, and loved the warp painted shawls I did. I'm thinking I ought to combine those two projects, and do a sample warp painted ruana and see how that goes. To that end, I bought some 3/2 white cotton. That should be a nice weight to wear, and should weave up relatively quickly. I bought enough for one ruana, just to try out. Well, I tried to buy it. It is currently on back order.

I'm thinking that two over sized hand painted silk scarves could also make an awesome vest/ruana if I sewed them together halfway up their length for a back seam. I might or might not want to also sew the sides together, to make arm holes and to keep the silk from flying around too much. So I also ordered 4 22"x72" habotai silk scarves from Dharma Trading Company tonight. If I paint two scarves with the same color scheme, it ought to work out well. I think I can see it in my head, but I need to experiment. If it turns out like I envision, I'll want a couple for myself, and then several for the shop to try out and see if they would go. It should be an elegant and whimsical dash of color to wear, particularly as summer wear. And the silk ruanas would be quicker (and so less expensive) to produce than the warmer and heavier hand woven ones.

The ideas are bubbling around my brain. Time to make some pretty things!

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