Friday, September 30, 2011

Basketry supplies, and Pinterest

Now this is going to be fun! This is a haul I got through Craigslist. There was a basket maker who had to move suddenly, and didn't want her stash of weaving supplies to go to the dump. I took them off her hands for $50. I think I won! That is 7 laundry baskets and 2 moving boxes full of reed, most of it already dyed. In addition, there is one basket full of basket bases, and some handles. One box alone is worth more than I paid for the whole treasure trove. I foresee teaching some basketry classes in the near future.

Now, I only have to figure out where to store this all. Um....hmmm. That might take some work. The shed is still stuffed full of gourds, leather, and fleeces.

In other news, I've started playing on Pinterest just in the past few days. It is like my own digital bulletin board, except that I can share it with other folks too. I had looked at the site now and again, but didn't see a use for it for myself...until I realized that I could use it to draw together images when I'm researching a topic. To start with, I've begun a board for my Medieval felt research. Anyone know of any pictures of actual Medieval artifacts made of felt scattered around the internet? I'd like to add them to my board.


  1. CL is great, isn't it? Freecycle is another good resource. I once got 2+ baskets worth of books for free! (I still haven't read them all... yet.)

  2. Love Craigslist, both for finding things and for passing things on to other people. Freecycle in our area became full of folks just asking for items, without offering anything in exchange. Maybe I'd better check back in though, to see if the atmosphere has changed.

    That reminds me...I need to post some water hyacinth free on Craigslist. Anyone in the Phoenix area want any? Your little pond can't have any access to natural waterways though--they float on the surface of the water and multiply fairly rapidly.