Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Silk ties back from the dry cleaners

The first batch of hand painted silk ties is back from the dry cleaners!

I managed to get these four photographed and up in the Etsy shop, at . I've got three more here waiting to be processed, and hopefully I can get those up tomorrow. The second batch of 18 ties is still at the dry cleaners. I get to pick those up on Friday, so look for them to magically appear in the shop sometime next week.

I wish I wore ties now. I'm really tickled by the way these turned out.


  1. The ties are beautiful! I like the blue-green one.

  2. They ae so pretty. I love the one next to the ruler.

  3. These are absolutely stunning! Makes me wish my husband wore ties to work (not him though).

  4. Melissa, these are absolutely gorgeous. I love the last one, they are all simply stunning:):)