Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Modeling and wire weaving and socks and...

I've been kind of scattered in my focus this past week or so, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. Lets see...I've spent quite a few hours modeling for life drawing classes. The weather has been nice enough here that one of the classes had me put on a costume, and we went outside. The picture here is one of the hour poses we did. Sitting in the sun, listening to the bird song, and smelling the perfume from the nearby orange grove in bloom made the time go faster than normal. Lovely day for it!

I've been cranking out socks on my antique circular sock machine. This pair went to a lovely lady in Maryland. She sent me a thank you note today, to let me know that she got them and loved them. How cool is that??

A dear friend of mine is a bad influence. She's been teaching everyone how to do Viking Wire Weaving. This dates back in Norse regions to before the year 1000. I made a stab at it today, and made this copper bracelet. Keep your eyes open--I've started another piece, and have been taking pictures as I go along. There will be a tutorial before too long.

And my sister was in town this past week. She brought me three yards of the most lovely green fabric. It is just the absolutely perfect match for the "Emerald Laurel" hand carved pendant that I bought from Epaul Fischer last fall. (http://www.gemartist.com/) This one is going to sit in my hind brain for a bit, but I am starting to see the most wonderful 1500's costume in my head. There isn't enough fabric for the whole outfit, but maybe if I pair it with the bolt of suit-weight black wool that I have tucked away...

I'm off of modeling for awhile, so I should have time to be even more busy in my studio. Time to play!

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