Friday, June 19, 2009

Spinning through the Stash

So, what am I working on currently? I've been spinning up a storm--as much as my lingering tennis elbow will allow anyway. I'm trying to bring the stash down to a manageable level, so I can make room for more. My studio is so crowded that there is hardly room to walk, and I'm taking over the outside shed, too. Time to make some inroads.

Anyway, a few days ago I found a pound of Gotland wool hiding at the bottom of a bin. It must have come in when I was given the stash from the college. Someone had dropped off several boxes of fibery goodness at the local community college. But, they don't have a fiber program, and can't accept anonymous donations for tax purposes. So, since the ladies in the office know I do fiber stuff, they passed it on to me. Serendipity is an amazing thing! It was full of what appeared to be a spinner's stash of this and that. I've been having fun gradually working through it. Now it is the Gotland's turn.

Gotland sheep are evidently the direct descendants of the sheep brought to Gotland island by the Vikings, which makes this probably as close to a period wool as I've laid hands on. It is a beautiful ashy grey color, soft to the touch. Not as soft as Merino, but lovely stuff. It wants to spin finer than the bulky knitting yarn I usually make, so I'm aiming at more of a worsted two ply. I think it would be appropriate for someone working on recreating sprang or naalbinding. I've already got two skeins done, with quite a bit more to go. I'll probably put it in the Etsy shop when I'm done...unless I want to keep it for myself. I haven't done sprang or naalbinding yet...hmmmmmm. That would be a great Arts and Science competition entry. Talk about starting with documentable materials. Hand spun, from the correct breed of sheep.

Not like I don't have a bunch of other projects stacked up to do, before I take up a new form of fiber art. I'll finish it up, and put it in the shop. If it sells before I get around to the A&S entry, well, somebody will be giving it a good home. De-stash!!

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